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For support queries we recommend contacting your service provider. This is the fastest way for you to get assistance. However, should you need to reach out to the Home Fiber Team, please submit the Ask Us form. You may also refer to the questions below.


Frequently Asked Questions

CSquared is a wholesale fiber infrastructure company based in Kampala that serves Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

CSquared deploys fiber optic cables across cities to enable Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to better deliver internet services to the end user.

Home Fiber which is technically called Fiber To The Home (FTTH) is the installation of fiber optic cables directly to your home/house/apartment to be able to deliver internet communication signals.

There are two ways to get the product:

  • Through our website you can check to see if there is fiber in your Neighborhood and order the product that suits you and if there is no fiber you may Express Interest.
  • You can also contact your preferred Service provider and esquire if they are partnered with CSquared home fiber.

CSquared Home fiber upgrades your current service.  It will allow internet service providers to deliver and improve the customer’s Voice (Telephone), Video (Cable TV), and Data (Internet) services.

CSquared will only provide the infrastructure to deliver the internet. The end user will still need to sign up with a service provider to get the internet connection.

CSquared is currently deploying fiber optic cables to various neighborhoods. You can check on our website whether there is home fiber in your neighborhood.

CSquared must be granted permission by the property owner to deploy fiber optic cables. If you live in an apartment complex you can become a Home Fiber Ambassador and champion the installation of home fiber with your property owners.

Yes. An electrical outlet is needed to power the wireless route that CSquared will provide you with. Please note that the router remains the property of CSquared.

The time required for each installation will depend upon the services requested. For instance, if the customer requests telephone only, installation time will be less than if the customer requested telephone, Cable TV and Internet to be installed. CSquared will install all the electrical devices required but your service provider will activate the services you have chosen.

No, will be covering the cost of the FTTH and the box. However, if the customer does decide to add a service such as Internet or Cable TV, an activation fee may apply.

All TVs in the house can be connected. CSquared will make sure your TV cable outlets are operational with the FTTH.

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I have had challenges watching online videos using my existing internet service provider’s connection. The frequent buffering has left me disappointed and upset. I requested CSquared to consider installing fiber infrastructure at the estate. Progress moved swiftly with laying of the infrastructure. Already iWay, has held an open day and signed up a number of residents.
Patrick Ayena
My connection has always been slow, never really getting the speeds I’ve paid for. So when I heard about Home Fiber from CSquared I pushed to have the fiber laid in our estate. I am now satisfied with the speeds I’m getting from my service provider and can now work from home and spend more time with my family. No more slow connections.
Richard Walwasa
Home User