CSquared has been serving businesses and base stations with its shared fiber network and it is now bringing that fiber to your home! We’re Open Access, which means you have the freedom to choose any service provider that you prefer with the same fiber connection.

Why choose home fiber? Because it allows you to access Large Amounts of Data at Lightning Speed!



How do you go from a slow, frustrating internet service to super fast internet speeds that allows you to do what you want? Home Fiber, that’s how!

Watch our video to find out how it works.

Express Your Interest

Check our coverage map and confirm if you’re covered or not. Don’t worry if you are not covered, complete your details and we shall have fiber in your neighborhood soon.

Estate Verification

Once you have expressed your interest, our engineers will come and survey your neighborhood to confirm that it qualifies for fiber deployment.

Estate Permission

The Home Fiber team will engage your homeowners association to get the necessary approvals for fiber deployment. This can sometimes take prolonged periods of time. You can help (e.g., sensitize your neighbors and homeowner association in order to fasten permission for fiber deployment)! Fill out our Home Fiber Ambassador form.

Fiber Deployment

With estate permissions in place, you are a step closer to faster internet speeds. Our deployment engineers will come to your neighborhood to install fiber. Our teams are fast and professional, and they deliver high-quality deployment. You can rest assured that your environs will be reinstated to their original pristine condition.

Order Submission

We are now ready to bring you online. Head over to our service providers list and choose a package that suits your need.

Service Provision

Placed an order? Great! One of our engineers is on the way to activate your service. Welcome to a better way to connect.

I have had challenges watching online videos using my existing internet service provider’s connection. The frequent buffering has left me disappointed and upset. I requested CSquared to consider installing fiber infrastructure at the estate. Progress moved swiftly with laying of the infrastructure. Already iWay, has held an open day and signed up a number of residents.
Patrick Ayena
My connection has always been slow, never really getting the speeds I’ve paid for. So when I heard about Home Fiber from CSquared I pushed to have the fiber laid in our estate. I am now satisfied with the speeds I’m getting from my service provider and can now work from home and spend more time with my family. No more slow connections.
Richard Walwasa
Home User